When I’m working on a project, I dread arriving at a new day knowing I’ve made zero progress from the day before. Without fail, this happens every time I’ve let let my varied interests or chaotic life interrupt my focus. Does this happen to you?

It’s easy to change this.

First, be clear about your goal. Is it to grow your email list to a certain level by a particular date or create a new product? Choose just one. Working backwards from that goal, break it into smaller steps that will move you in the direction of achieving results.

Next, identify the one, best thing you can do tomorrow to move closer to your goal. Just one thing. Write it down. Commit that you’ll get it done. Plan only one day at a time, one day in advance–you’ll have a better sense for what you can realistically do. Set aside the time and space to support your success.

Finally, do it. Protect and use the time you’ve planned to do that one thing, and celebrate when you’ve finished. You’ll feel the satisfaction of accomplishment every single day and be motivated to keep moving forward.

I used this process to write this blog post in an hour, and to lose 32 pounds in two months! Which of your goals are you ready to tackle?

(Photo: Dr. Seuss Thing 1 Machine Embroidery Design. http://www.clipartsheep.com/dr-seuss-thing-1-machine-embroidery-design-clipart-1460832.html. I haven’t done embroidery since I was a kid. Maybe I will again someday–but not tomorrow.)