Oh how I wish I were overweight. That would be loads better than what I just found out I am:

I never thought of myself as obese, but the Body Mass Indicator (BMI) measurement doesn’t lie. When did this happen? I was a twig in college! In my mind, I’m still the same person. Many years of not paying enough attention must have done the trick.

I’ve got to lose 70 pounds.

My knees are telling me, my clothes are telling me, and my photographs are telling me. My mirror, curse it, isn’t saying a word. Neither is my sweet husband (and for that I’m very grateful). I don’t understand why I haven’t seen it ’til now. I can certainly feel it.

Over the last week I’ve been working on a strategy to engineer my success. This is what I came up with:

  • Be realistic
  • Be accountable

And so, I will take a year to accomplish this goal—after all it’s taken me 30-odd years to get to this place. With two jobs, a big family, and some knee injuries, I have constraints on my time and how much I can move. But instead of these being excuses, I’ll simply design my lifestyle changes to accommodate these conditions.

And now for my accountability. An early attempt at posting pictures of my weigh-ins didn’t work. I’ve learned that need to be accountable in an interactive way with someone besides myself, so I enlisted the help of my best friend from childhood. She knows me, she’s kind, and she’s truthful.

So consider this me jumping in with both feet.

(Postscript: 9 months later I met Susan Peirce Thompson who had an approach that worked for me. Susan is a PhD who helped me understand the brain science. I was 30 pounds lighter within 2 months. Take the food susceptibility test or find out more about the program here.)