Today is the Spring Equinox–that time early in the year where there are equal amounts of light and darkness in the day. As I’m learning about the degree to which our environment can influence us (for better or worse), I decided to take advantage of this moment to put some thrust behind returning to balance in my own creativity.

As it goes for many of us, I got out of whack in this area of my life as more and more demands were made on my time. It’s the “frog in a pot (or blender) of boiling water” phenomenon–you don’t realize it’s happening until the disparity is large enough to notice. I’ve written before about my recipe for happiness, and how creativity plays into it. Lately I’ve noticed a creeping dissatisfaction, and it’s time to put it right. Or “write”, if you will.

It’s been awhile since I’ve contributed anything creative. This comes from a different part of myself. It’s not the part that does Internet marketing or writes reports, technical instructions, emails, or Facebook posts–primarily thinking activity. I’m talking about that which comes from a deeper place. From the core. The part that feels whole.

So here I’ll put a stake in the ground to live again from that place. It will certainly mean that things in my life will change: my priorities, my schedule, my focus. I’ll say no to some old things and yes to some new ones. I’ll delegate more. I’ll write fiction again. Practice my Reiki. Play my ukulele. And I’ll get that 2016 Superbowl choreography down cold if it’s the last thing I do.

In the right concentration, I’ll continue to do my technical work. After all, the geek in me still needs her due.

I already feel more put together.