At the beginning of the Your Turn Challenge I had an idea of how I wanted to make an impact by encouraging people going through mid life. I was striving for a win-win—walk through this together and make a living doing it.

Somewhere around Day 2 or 3 the “make a living doing it” part fell away. In fact, I could see how focusing too much on that part of it could compromise the actual goal of helping people reconnect with their purpose and means of fulfillment.

What became more important was doing something, writing something, offering ideas for consideration, and especially, running experiments. Learning by putting myself out there became the goal.

I’ve heard it said that if one person is changed by your efforts, the effort is worth it. By being daring and by proposing concepts in the public arena, I changed myself. I gained confidence, insights, and skills. I looked forward to writing every day.

Art changes the artist. That is good enough.

(I originally posted this on the Your Turn Challenge blog. The artwork shown in this post is an original painting by Michael A. Rampson, and I know it changed at least one extra person.)