“Exercise is pretty worthless when it comes to weight loss.”

Did I hear that right? Conventional wisdom said that if you wanted to lose weight you had to eat less and exercise more. But the woman in the video was making an indecent proposal: “I want to propose to you that not only is it not working, but it’s not even true.”

This woman now had my full attention. I don’t hate to exercise, but I don’t love it. Alright–to be honest, the only kind of exercise I like is the kind I don’t know I’m doing. Exercise hurts!

I heard about Susan Peirce Thompson in a context completely unrelated to weight loss. She was being profiled (in a good way) for her success with Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula. Jeff is a hugely successful internet marketer and a pretty fantastic person. In one of Jeff’s videos, Susan was discussing how she taught the neuroscience and psychology behind weight loss in her Bright Line Eating program. I’m a science nerd and had about 70 pounds to lose, so this approach spoke to me. Besides, she was a PhD with the credentials and personal experience to back up her story.

“What I tell the people who come to work with me is unless you have a really well-oiled exercise regimen already set up that has been running for years–completely automatically with no will power necessary–don’t start an exercise regimen while you’re trying to lose weight.”

I pulled the trigger and bought her online program. Two months later I was down 30 pounds. That two months included an out-of-town Jeff Walker business event, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It also included a week back in New York with my Italian family whose every moment revolves around food. Food that’s out of this world!

I’m well on my way to my goal weight and ironically, now I want to exercise. I didn’t need it to take off the pounds but now it’s time to reduce the “jiggle’ room. And for that, you’ve got to move it-move it!

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